Some Android app has their own incognito mode, where a user can access the app without saving history and data. Google Chrome has this function and also Gboard has it. Now, YouTube is testing on incognito mode for YouTube Android app. YouTube still has equivalent to incognito mode, you can enable it by going into the setting, Privacy, and setting and pause watch history. You can also sign out and use the YouTube without saving your watch history. But in my opinion, it is not ideal.

This feature is not available for the users yet. You can enable the incognito mode in the settings. There will be a separate menu in future by tapping that incognito mode will be enabled. Currently, it is showing sign out and switch account as a separate option but in future, it will be combined and one more option will show up and that will be incognito mode.

Once you press the incognito option it will show a message written “you are into the incognito mode with some extra information”

This is a server-side test as of now so it is not available for most of the users, so we will let you know when this will be available.

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